What does "Publishing Wide" mean?


Publishing wide is an approach where you choose to distribute your book across multiple platforms rather than keeping all your literary eggs in one basket, such as the behemoth, Amazon. It's about diversifying your publishing avenues to ensure maximum reach, touching the hearts of readers who may frequent different platforms or online bookstores.

Here are the major platforms that cater to indie authors:

1. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): The giant you can't ignore. KDP's reach is phenomenal, and its platform user-friendly. 

2. Smashwords: An indie author favorite. Smashwords distributes to major retailers and offers authors an impressive 85% royalty rate.

3. Draft2Digital: A fantastic platform that allows you to distribute your book to multiple retailers with a single upload. 

4. Kobo Writing Life: This platform enables you to publish directly on Kobo, a favorite amongst international readers.

5. Apple Books: With Apple's robust infrastructure, your book can reach millions of users of Apple devices.

6. Barnes & Noble Press: This platform allows you to publish directly to Barnes & Noble's online store and NOOK eReader.

7. Google Play Books: Google's platform can connect your book with Android users worldwide.

8. IngramSpark: A boon for those interested in print-on-demand services who want to avoid Amazon.

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